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K12 online school

K12 online school is an excellent solution for busy parents and working professionals who want to give their children a good education without having to sacrifice any time with them. With online schools, your kids will have access to the same curriculum, teachers, courses, and resources as traditional brick-and-mortar schools but with more flexibility in the hours they attend school, allowing you to be part of your kids’ lives both at home and at school or work. It’s easier than you think! Here are some tips on choosing an online school that fits your family’s needs.

Why choose an online high school?

Travel, work, and lead the kind of lifestyle you’ve always wanted by joining a K12 online school. With these programs, you can take some of your courses in the convenience of your home, some at your local brick-and-mortar high school, and take the courses whenever you have the time. Feel free to take as many breaks as you want. You can go back whenever you need to.

Factors to consider when looking at online schools

To be successful in an online education program, students need a great instructor, effective teaching materials, and solid parental support. Compare your options and look for programs with a solid reputation for graduating students who excel both in the classroom and beyond. To help you choose the best K12 online schools, we looked at some factors to consider when evaluating programs.

Things to consider before taking an international high school exam

When people think of high schools, they often just picture the place that their kids go to every day. Yet more and more kids are skipping out on the traditional classroom setting and choosing to take an international high school exam. More and more parents are choosing to let their children learn at home, due to safety concerns with K12 online schools.

Steps for applying as a home school student

Homeschooling and K12 online schools are perfect for those with children who have a passion for education. You will be able to tailor your curriculum so that it is suited to their interests, or you may choose a set curriculum. The courses are interactive, require little-to-no homework outside the course material, and there is no commitment as you can stop whenever you want. Homeschooling allows children to learn more at their own pace, giving them more control over what they know.

Colleges that accept homeschooled students

While there are many colleges that accept homeschooled students, homeschoolers have a different experience than those who attended public or private schools. Homeschoolers often feel unprepared and sometimes overlooked by college admissions departments. This is one of the reasons that an increasing number of homeschooled students are opting to attend K12 online schools to get a head start on their education. These schools offer courses in everything from math and science to foreign languages, humanities, and arts.

Apps for Homeschoolers

1. K12 Online School – K12 offers a variety of courses in every subject, so it’s easy to find one that matches your needs and learning style. They also offer AP courses and tutor support. Plus, they have plenty of resources for parents and students alike.
2. Homeschool Planet – Homeschool Planet is an app that helps simplify the homeschooling process by keeping everything organized in one place. You can use this resource to create individualized lesson plans and assignments, plan out days or weeks at a time with their calendar feature, assign chores or set up parent-teacher chats from within the app. 3. Study Island – Study Island has numerous features designed to help you improve academically such as flashcards, progress tracking and skills assessments among other things. They even offer full course completion certificates with valid transcripts!
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4. Wonderopolis – Wonderopolis is perfect for kids who are interested in natural sciences or nature-related topics such as plants or animals because this site allows users to learn all about these subjects through videos and fun activities while developing critical thinking skills at the same time.


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