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How Many Years  to Become a Doctor in USA?

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a doctor but don’t know how long it takes, you’re not alone! Many people are intrigued by the idea of healthcare and medicine but aren’t sure if they can make it through the years of schooling that this degree requires. Here’s how many years to become a doctor in USA. Understanding how long it takes to become a doctor in America requires an understanding of how doctors are trained and licensed. Medical school in the United States lasts four years, while medical school in other countries lasts anywhere from 3 to 6 years. However, the educational process begins much earlier than in high school or college because aspiring doctors need to take multiple Advanced Placement exams during high school and complete college-level coursework before being admitted into medical school.

Can you graduate from high school and go straight into medical school?

In order to become a doctor, you need three things: an undergraduate degree, 4-8 years of medical school (depending on the specialty), and an accredited residency. And while most pre-meds can graduate from high school and go straight into medical school, they don’t actually become doctors until they successfully graduate from medical school. Even then, it takes four years of on-the-job training as a resident before you’re technically allowed to be board certified and practice independently.

Do you need any science prerequisites before enrolling in medical school?

To enroll in medical school, you need to have completed one year of full-time undergraduate coursework with a GPA above 3.0. In addition, students usually take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Most medical schools do not require that students complete pre-med courses before applying. However, some admissions committees may ask for letters or recommendations from science professors. In total, it takes four years to earn an undergraduate degree and then four more years to become a doctor in USA

How long time does it take to become an M.D.?

Becoming an M.D. typically takes eight years, which includes four years in medical school and four years as a resident, according to the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges). The total time spent on higher education is about 12 years, with high-achieving students spending 13.5-14 years after college graduation before becoming an M.D.

Applying for Medical School

One significant requirement for any applicant seeking admission into medical school is an undergraduate degree. However, the nature and type of degree obtained are up to you! Some people enroll in pre-med programs and major in subjects such as biology, chemistry, or physics. Others might take liberal arts degrees like English or history but have great grades, show involvement in extracurricular activities, and work with professors who recommend them for acceptance into prestigious schools.

Taking the MCAT Paper (Medical College Admissions Test)

Before the MCAT, you’ll need four years of undergraduate coursework at an accredited university and then at least three more years after that. And after all that schooling, you can sit for the medical school admission exams. Passing those will allow you to enter your last three years as an undergraduate – with research opportunities if you’re feeling extra ambitious – before completing your residency training.

The MCAT is a big test because it dictates the future course of your life.

Becoming licensed and board certified

In order to become licensed and board-certified, doctors complete an undergraduate degree. The degree is necessary for medical school admission and also provides a good foundation for postgraduate medical studies. After medical school, one must undergo residency training before one can be licensed by the state and approved by professional bodies. Residency may take 3-7 years. After completion, the doctor can apply to take exams from the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) if they are seeking certification.

How Long Time Does it Take to Become a Doctor in Other Countries?

In countries other than Canada or the US, it usually takes thirteen years to become a doctor, on average. Canadian and American doctors are one of the most highly educated, taking eight-year-long training. As opposed to Switzerland, where a doctor is not certified until he or she has completed around 15 years of schooling, or Japan where doctors are certified after around 20 years of training, American doctors graduate after only three years of school.


Becoming a doctor is an involved process that takes many years of education and study. It takes between 4-6 years to get your undergraduate degree, and another 3-7 years for medical school. During medical school, you’ll spend the most time studying subjects like biology, chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy, physics, and pharmacology. After graduation from medical school, you must complete a residency program which can take up to 5 or more years. Your education won’t be complete until you pass the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) with one exception. If you are going into psychiatry, then it’s the Royal College of Psychiatrists Qualifying Examination (RCPE). Once your qualifications are certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties, they will assign a specialty designation to designate what type of doctor you are.




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